Q1. For using the services, is a sign up for the account needed?

For using the services, registration is needed.

Q2.Can people from any country use the e-currency exchange service?

A. It does not matter where you are located as customers are accepted from almost any county across the globe, absolutely!

Q3.How much time will it take for processing my exchange order?

A. The exchange services provided between the e-currencies range, are fully automatic. As soon as the order is placed, the target currency is sent to the account within an instant! You hardly need to wait or confirm the processing.

Q4.What do I need to do for making the e-currency exchange?

All that you need to do is select the direction exchange, fill up the required online form. Ensure that all information is fed correctly in the online form and then go ahead and press the button to seek confirmation. All operations of the e-currency exchange are fully automatic and get processed immediately!

Q5.How do I get real cash converted from e-currency?

E-currency can be sold to the company and then this payment is sent into the customer’s bank account or to Western Union Transfer. Depending upon the location of the customer or where the bank is situated, the money reaches the account within a span of few hours.